Early Spring on the Farm

Here in Texas at The Cottages at Boldheart Farms Bed and Breakfast, seasons are changing. Winter is heading to Spring with blue bonnets popping their heads up one minute and then the weather turning cold again the next…brrrr. Our charming Cottages are cozy and comfortable anytime of year and we love having guests to share the farm with!

We have been prepping the garden for the upcoming season. Translation…pulling weeds, planting strawberry starts, and pruning a little. It’s still too early for the roses just yet.

It’s time to fertilize the more than 1,400 Iris we separated, cleaned and planted last fall with a lot of knee time! It takes little coaxing as these painted ladies love preening and festooning themselves in brilliant, fancy colors and textures of rich velvet all summer. I am very excited to share all that glorious, luxuriant color with our guests… You and I will both be intoxicated by the aromas of en mass irises in our garden.

We do sell irises and we encourage iris fans to come out and select their favorites; we will dig and ship them when the time is right. We have a limited supply, so early visitors will get first choices. Call for an appointment, please. You can always call me (Miss Maggie) at 512-718-4218.

Another early project is getting the seeds started this month in the greenhouse for our famous and fabulous Heirloom tomatoes!

It was wonderful hosting so many interesting and lovely people at the Farm last year. I always enjoy listening to their comments as they arrive in the garden and get their first look at all the beauty our garden has to offer.

Last year I learned to grill the left-over tomatoes and then freeze them. It has been amazing using these wonderful Heirlooms all winter to flavor our meals.

The Oregano made it through the winter healthy and thick. It is very aromatic and flavorful as is the cilantro that is popping up and sending its fresh scent through the garden already. Lots of Dill that self-owed is making its presence known as well.

The asparagus was moved to a raised bed last year and it is giving us enough for a daily meal already! As soon as the weather settles it should be very productive.

The Ducks are again laying their big, fat eggs that are flavorful and rich; we will have them for sale at $8 a dozen.

This morning I stirred up a frittata with duck eggs, a little salt, pepper, chopped asparagus, cilantro, bacon, and a chopped squash with homemade buttermilk biscuits. Love it when the garden is feeding us!

We have several Muscovy Ducks ready for re-homing. Their meat is a truly rich, delicious prized meal in top restaurants. Or for those like me, they are a great addition to the natural bug and snake control and just plain cute waddling around! They even come when called – how am I supposed to eat them!? You can have one or two of your own: adults are $25 each or 4 for $20 each.

The guineas will be starting to lay again in the next month or so and they are quite prolific layers – we are talking hundreds and hundreds of their small, hard-as-rocks eggs. Guinea eggs are $3.50 a dozen. They are very rich and great to eat, bake with, and make the smoothest ice cream!

We have a few Adult Guineas for sale also so we can keep our numbers manageable. $15 each or 4 for $10 each. We raise them free-range and keep them in at night to protect them from the coyotes and other threats.

During the day they keep the snakes at bay and kill the little devils. I really am glad to have discovered Guineas! They keep me company and hilariously entertained while I am working in the garden. The grasshoppers are non-existent since I brought the first Guineas home a few years ago.

Give us a call and come on out to the Farm, spend a few days in The Cottages and enjoy all that the Farm offers. The 25 acres of Blue Bonnets with the large old Oaks are a sight each spring and Eric mows walking trails so it is easy to take photos!

Visit our booking page and make a date before we fill up for the season. Once you arrive, you’ll find me either in the garden or the kitchen making scones and other culinary pleasures  just for you.