It’s Texas Bluebonnet Time!

Anyone who’s spent much time in Central Texas knows that Spring is a special time around here. Our Texas Bluebonnets tend to start popping up a few weeks before Easter, and this year is no exception. Our Bluebonnet fields this year are among the best ever – truly glorious.

Speaking of glorious, our sunsets here are something to behold. Can you picture yourself and your loved one sitting on the porch of one of our cozy and luxurious Cottages enjoying the gorgeous sunset hues? We can’t wait until the world is safe again and we can show you all of God’s glory that Eric and I get to enjoy every day. We are truly blessed – all the more so because we get to share our blessings with you.

Our gardens are also having a lovely Spring. Our roses are having their best bloom in years after I (Miss Maggie) figured out what I was doing wrong – now they are fabulous! The entire garden smells like the most expensive perfume money can buy! Our tomato plants are in the ground and will start producing in about a month. The irises are preening themselves for a spectacular show this summer – we planted over 1400 single irises last summer, and they are now all producing up to ten newbies… It’s going to be quite a beautiful summer out here.

We miss our lovely Guests so much but we’ll be ready for you when our great country has kicked this virus and we’re all ready to kick back, get some fresh air, and enjoy the great outdoors in luxurious comfort at The Cottages at Boldheart Farms. Hopefully our beautiful Texas Bluebonnets will still be in bloom. See y’all soon!!