The Cottages Experience – From a Guest’s Perspective

Miss Maggie has taken the voices of her many, varied and wonderful Guests and compiled a little something special for you in this blog…  Enjoy!

Day 1 – We have arrived for our stay at this Five Star Central Texas Bed and Breakfast… From the moment we drove up the road and spied the long red fence, rolling pastures with shiny, round Arabian horses, heads down grazing, we knew this was going to be ‘the place’.
Miss Maggie personally greeted us and cheerfully gave us a tour of “our” Cottage.
Eyeing the open spaces, enormous oaks and quiet pond… my breathing relaxed and then, we opened the door to a most luxurious, clean, organized slice of heaven!
The Cottages is not just the best Five Star Bed and Breakfast in Central Texas… it is a sensual event.
The bed, the linens, comfy robes, the unexpected treats in the refrigerator – WOW.
Night skies and stars galore, the Milky Way and sounds of the country wildlife…coyotes, the hoots of the big owl, night birds.
The Cottages at Boldheart Farms a luxury Bed and Breakfast in Central Texas
Day 2 – Stretch, yawn, stretch and slip into the soft robes. Fresh, aromatic coffee stocked in our room! A knock at the door…Miss Maggie with a platter of her famous homemade Scones we have been anticipating! Seasonal fruits, yogurts, juices, granolas. Yes, Scones to go is an option you will want to pursue! Simply the best!
Satiated and well rested we are off to our adventures for the day! Kayak the San Marcos River, Shop antiques in Historic Lockhart, wineries, lavender fields with their own lavender ice cream!, breweries, golf, bicycling the country roads, schedule a massage, world famous Rodeo, SXSW, back road tours on motorcycles, FX races, and the ever ‘Texas” Blue Bonnets right here surrounding our Cottage! (March through May), acres of them! and quiet time to read, write, relax and just be. Of course we are busy with our camera as we tour the Garden, catch the ducks and herons in the pond and the beautiful deer herd.
The Arabian horses are a treat to visit! They love being brushed and just hanging out and even offer hugs as if they know.We collect some duck eggs to cook up with our dinner. The ducklings are too adorable and look like little rubber duckies in the water.
We place our order for Iris, to be shipped at the right time so we can bring some of this beauty home to enjoy. In the garden we can sit and listen to the bees hard at work pollinating the squash. They work right around us and seem to know we are no threat. The fig trees are full of green figs not yet ripe that Miss Maggie will use in the fall for fig preserves.
We got lucky and were able to watch Eric creating a new metal art piece with his torch, sparks flying!
Tomorrow we will go home, back to it all. We will miss this wonderful place and the lovely hosts.
Stop the Madness. Stop the Noise. Heal your Heart.
Welcome to The Cottages at Boldheart Farms.
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