Farm Stay Fun!

Life on the Farm is always evolving and experiences are seasonal. Dressing The Duck was one of those opportunities that our adventurous Guests wanted to participate in!
It started with “I’ll just watch” and evolved for them to full involvement, plucking feathers and prepping the large Muscovy for dinner!
Their teacher was a wonderful, educational, hilarious Cowboy Preacher and his wife who had come to visit. The whole experience was a Hoot for all and these lovely Guests took home their own duck!!
Let Miss Maggie know if you are interested in Farm Option Experiences, prices based on choices.  We have everything from reducing your blood-pressure-weed pulling activities, to learning to prune the roses, prep the garden for seeds and planting in the spring, harvesting and enjoying the vegetables in the summer, learn to drive a tractor, and the ever popular and loving time with the Arabian horses.  We do not offer riding, but plenty of heart healthy time with the horses, light groundwork learning to handle a horse, grooming, just loving. And if you like eggs, we have Ducks and Guineas to learn about and gather eggs for your meals.